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Abacus’ official charity partner NIAMH

Abacus’ official charity partner; Niamh Inspire Wellbeing.

Niamh and Abacus are collaborating together for 2016!

Niamh is the largest and longest established independent charity situated in the heart of Belfast, Northern Ireland. The charity is focused on providing help and training to those in mental health and wellbeing services. Niamh are willing to do what it takes to help and support those who suffer from mental health problems, in doing so they work to provide confidential chats, counselling sessions which they have seen to help improve academics.

Niamh and Abacus are the a perfect fit, hence our collaboration for 2016! We both work to provide a high quality, professional and innovative services to our clients, we wish for them to leave our services with a positive outcome and feeling confident in retuning for follow up care and for aid in future circumstances.

Abacus are willing to raise as much funds to help support a charity that is close to many peoples hearts. We have a number of upcoming and continuing events that will help us to support Niamh –

  • Dress Down Fridays – Once a month the staff at Abacus, dress down to their casuals. Like being back in school a day out of the uniform we all loved.
  • Charity Football Match – Sunday 15th May 2016, feel free to call down and offer your support!
  • Charity Pub Quiz
  • Sponsorship in a range of athletic activities

  ‘’Niamh are a recently new charity to Abacus, whom we look forward to supporting.’’