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Accountancy Jobs in Cayman Islands

Accountancy Jobs in Cayman Islands

Are you a recently qualified Chartered or Certified Accountant seeking to pursue your Accountancy career abroad?  Abacus have a range of Accountancy Jobs in the Cayman Islands available.

Facts around Cayman Islands:

  • British Territory
  • 480 miles south from Miami, Florida
  • Time zone: 6 hours ahead of the UK
  • 12 hour flight from the UK
  • Population of 55,000 people
  • Sub-Tropical Climate

Did you know the Cayman Islands is made up of 3 separate islands which are called Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac.  With over 100 nationalities making up the 3 islands.  It is renowned with professional expats developing their career.

The islands are governed by British Overseas Territory and are located directly with the British West Indies.  Positioned amongst the Caribbean Sea, the Cayman Islands are located 480 miles south of Miami.  Therefore being an hour’s flight from Miami and 12 hours from London.

Types of Jobs in Cayman Islands:

The Financial Services industry along with insurance markets is particular renowned in Cayman Islands.  Roles will range from Qualified Chartered or Certified Accountants delving into Tax, Audit or Senior Management.  Those wishing to migrate to live and work in Bermuda will require a work permit.

Don’t fret we will accommodate and assist you with the required work permit, which is issued by the Department of Immigration.

Lifestyle in Cayman Islands:

The population between the islands is approx. 55,000 people.  English is the official language spoken amongst the Caymanian people.  Spanish in particular regions is also widely spoken.  There is strong presences on politeness and modesty throughout the islands due to their history influences.

The Cayman Islands are renowned for offering tranquil lifestyles.  Living next to the most beautiful crystal clear blue water seas and white sand beaches how could you not soak up the idyllic daily life?

From scuba diving, fishing to sipping wine and eating out across the islands bars and restaurants you will be spoilt for choice winding down at the weekend.

Climate in Cayman Islands:

The Cayman Islands has a tropical climate, with temperatures averaging 20°C all year around.  The islands have pleasant weather all year round, although as two distinct seasons; Wet and Dry which are typical tropical weather patterns.  You will be glad to note hurricanes are at a less frequent chance of activity due to the Caribbean’s geographic location.

So what do you need to do now?

Simply to register your interest – Contact Abacus 028 9031 3157 | | |

Abacus will assess your CV and deal with the rest.  We will process your interest, contact our key client, set up your interview processes and organise all work permits for you to jet set to Bermuda!

To receive the guidance you need to begin a fresh career in Bermuda, book your consultation or to gain more information regarding these exotic opportunities in the Accountancy market.  Please contact the Abacus Accountancy team in confidence on 028 9031 3157 or call anytime (day/evening) by speaking to Justin RushEoin Fleming or Richard Bodles.