Belfast is moving forward. Make the journey with us.

The city of Belfast, and indeed Northern Ireland, is now home to a record number of major investment announcements.  Local companies are rapidly expanding, global companies are arriving on a weekly basis. Thousands of new job opportunities are now available, offering a high quality of work, a healthy quality of life and a stronger work/life balance.

Many firms are working with Abacus to attract your skills and talent. If you are originally from Northern Ireland, it is now the time to come back. If you are considering an opportunity to relocate here, then Belfastforlife is a gateway to a wonderful place to live, work and generate an outstanding quality of life.

Join us to watch video interviews of executives from many leading companies within Accountancy, Financial Services, Legal, IT or Technology to name a few industry sectors.  Learn of their growth plans for 2015.  The type of people and skills they look for when recruiting, and the success they have had in appointing returners and re locators to their teams.


Talent In Demand

Belfast is up and coming with various talents in demand!  As a professional in your field, have you any of these key skills? 

App DeveloperBusiness AnalystdynamicJavaSQLRegulatory AccountantentrepreneurialCorporate RecoveryDigital MarketingSpiritBiotech EngineerCorporate SolicitorSystems ArchitecturecreativeAndroid or IPhone DeveloperCNCFunds AdministratorSoftware DeveloperIT AnalystElectronics EngineerIT LawFinancial AnalystEcommerceRisk ModellingUX DesignFood ScientistEmbedded SWCADEngineerinnovativeAgile DevelopmentDev OpsTest AutomationPerformance EngineeringFinancial ServicesQualified AccountantsOracle SoftwareAnalytics

Have we got you thinking?  Could you contribute your skill set to Belfast, Northern Ireland?  Listed is a sample of key skills in demand, consultant with the team at Abacus for more information.  At Abacus we specialise in finding the perfect match between candidates and clients.  We can assure you, we match your strengths to a company which will best fit you!

Recent Relocators

Challenge – To help a recently qualified, post-contract ICAS Accountant based in Glasgow source a high-calibre role in Belfast with a leading global consultancy firm. Given the fact that the candidate was often working in London and Frankfurt, face to face meetings in Belfast were proving difficult.

Solution – The Abacus Accountancy team managed to co-ordinate an initial telephone interview between the individual and HR, then make arrangements for a second interview to be held in a London office when a Belfast partner was attending meetings.

Outcome – Both parties were impressed with professionalism of the Abacus team, and came to an agreement on the role. The candidate landed their desired role and the hiring company were able to add a motivated high calibre member to the team.

Accountancy – Audit Senior based Scotland to Assistant Manager, Big 4 in Belfast.

Challenge – To assist a recently qualified CIMA Accountant living and working in London to return to N.Ireland. This individual wanted to keep their career on a forward trajectory and improve their position through the relocation and move. This particular individual wanted to complete the change of job and re-location within a 3 month period.

Solution – Members of the Abacus Accountancy team met the candidate via a ‘skype’ connection and drafted a broad outline of the individual’s key skills and the roles and organisations that were within a commutable distance for consideration along with sending information on ‘Belfast V London’ and ‘Belfast improvements’.

Outcome – Over a 6 week period this individual was able to complete 5 telephone/skype interviews and 2 face to face interviews. The result was two job offers, one from a well-established corporate, one from a start-up entity. The candidate has recently being promoted to a management role.

Accountancy – Management Accountant from International Pharma Company to Belfast based start-up.

Challenge – A leading international firm had struggled to attract a professional with adequate experience. A couple of near-fits occurred but the right person had not come along.

Solution – Through our contacts in London we reached out to identify a couple of suitable people with the right niche banking background. We spent a lot of time talking to the passive candidates and outlined the wider quality of life benefits of relocating to NI. One of the professionals had no ties with Northern Ireland but had visited for a weekend. We arranged for the hiring bank to hold
informal meetings in London over a couple of evenings and ultimately we worked extensively with both parties to support the person’s relocation. The firm was able to offer a relocation package to support the transition over to NI.

Outcome – We arranged for the hiring bank to hold informal meetings in London over a couple of evenings and ultimately we worked extensively with both parties to support the person’s relocation. The firm was able to offer a relocation package to support the transition over to NI.

Financial Services – Snr Corporate Banker

Challenge – A professional from Co. Down, who graduated in Dundee and then worked in Scotland for 8 years. She had developed extensive analytical experience working for a large utility in NE of Scotland and was ‘back home’ over Christmas 2013 with her partner, a real estate solicitor from Belfast. The couple planned to get back home in the future, get closer to circle of friends and
eventually start a family.

Solution – We met with both of them in our office and outlined the high quality of opportunity within each of their sectors. We developed a timed action plan and made contact with the list of companies that each person had expressed an interest.

Outcome – We presented some feedback and within 6 months, both partners had relocated their careers in Greater Belfast to roles that provided a greater work /life balance and the desired access to friends and family.

Analytics – Commercial Business Analyst & Legal – Property Lawyer

Challenge – An emerging technological demand coupled with recent foreign direct investment (FDI) announcements. While specialist ICT roles like this was generating interest for existing or recent graduates, an immediate skill shortage was growing for an experienced developer who could provide team lead and more objective customer-facing skills.

Solution – Our technology team attended an event outside of NI that related to the subject matter. During some networking we were approached by an experienced IT professional based in Cork. He was keen to move to NI with his NI wife and two young children who were due to start primary education. The candidate was very surprised to hear of the arrival of specialist firms from USA and
England and the competitive salary and benefits package available.

Outcome – After reviewing our several of our guides including, ‘Cost of childcare in Belfast’ and ‘Property values in Belfast’ we met again with the candidate and his wife in Cork. After accepting the role, Abacus were able to relocate an additional 3candiates from ROI based on referrals.

Technology – Apps Developer (Android/IPhone)

Challenge – Several local practices had registered an interest in a niche lawyer for an emerging area in NI. The pressure for expanding legal business from new and established client expectations was growing. The local talent pool was limited or had failed to attract newly qualified solicitors due to the narrow aspect of the role.

Solution – Abacus advertised in various specialist legal websites in Europe. Once we sourced and consulting with one prime candidate, we met and outlined all interested parties. We provided insight into the varying cultures and leadership styles and explored the best fit career-wise. A round of interviews were confirmed over a Friday and Monday and we generated multiple offers within 48 hours.

Outcome – The high calibre candidate relocated to back to Belfast from London within 3m

Legal – Planning and Environmental Lawyer from Magic Circle to Belfast

Why Belfast?


Belfast, is experiencing continued inward investment.  We at Abacus like to ensure for all our candidates that we are one step ahead of the game.  Abacus specialises in six industry sectors; Accountancy, Business Services, Financial Services, Legal, Technical and Technology job opportunities.  Like to know more about us, click below to see what Abacus has to offer in each sector:

Accountancy Jobs

The Accountancy team specialise in sourcing and recruiting highly skilled Accounting and Finance professionals and graduates for many industry leading clients.

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Business Services Jobs

This team responds to a broad range of office professional and support roles throughout Northern Ireland.

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Financial Services Jobs

Our growing Banking and Financial Services team is centrally placed across this industry.

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Legal Jobs

Our legal recruitment team has over 25 years’ experience within the market.

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Technical Jobs

If you work in this sector you are probably very keen on complexity, attention to detail and can handle a million things at once.

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Technology Jobs

The ICT market is one of NI’s key successes in terms of job creation.

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Analytics Jobs

Abacus has created a specialist team to focus on the area of Analytics. Our team have a wealth of experience managing various roles relating to ‘big data’, ‘smart data’ and ‘analytics’.

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High quality jobs are arriving in Belfast every week across various sectors.  In the near future, new jobs and new skills will be very in demand for many professional employees.  This is why we are acting now #BelfastforLife.

Next move or relocation?

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