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#BelfastforLife Meets Dublin

#BelfastforLife Meets Dublin

It has been an eventful couple of months at the Abacus office with a whirlpool of activities regarding the #BelfastforLife 2.0 Campaign.

Having three quarters of senior executives now affirming that skill shortages are the greatest challenge to their business.  Abacus has continued to launch the targeted initiative #BelfastforLife in Dublin, enlightening those originally from N.Ireland and now living in Dublin to ‘Bring Their Talent Home’.

Abacus believes being in the height of innovation to attract new talent will certainly help to meet our key client’s demands to assist the skill shortages that they are proving to find challenging to fill in the current market place.

More than 35 professionals came together for the #BelfastforLife Dublin Meet Up event to engage, gain insight and perspective from the Abacus team who are regularly in contact with some of the leading employers of professional staff in N. Ireland.  During the Dublin Meet Up, Abacus highlighted the world-class job opportunities that exist locally, as well as the positive aspects of living and working in the North.  We wanted to share the prosperity that Belfast currently has to offer, promoting over 20 companies who work in close partnership with the #BelfastforLife Campaign to help relocate the best talent for Northern Ireland businesses.

This was a fantastic opportunity for outstanding talent to meet and greet the Abacus team.  We had the great pleasure and experience meeting talent from Spain, England and Ireland.  Diverging in conversations; educating the professionals on client profiles, clearly portraying the individual client growth plans for 2016,  the type of people and skills they look for when recruiting, and the successes they have had previously in appointing returners and re locators to their teams.

So where is #BelfastforLife going next?

It is evident, more professionals are seeking a gateway to return home.  It continues to be an exciting time for Abacus therefore we are hosting a range of events before summer 2016.  Watch this space as we predict an influx of professionals in upcoming months as we prepare hosting #BelfastforLife events in London, Edinburgh and Dublin.

The #BelfastforLife campaign promises to deliver many opportunities to businesses to help meet the right people, to share new ideas and best practices, and ultimately to find the perfect working partnership.