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Successful Belfastforlife Meetup Event

Bringing their talent home…

Abacus Professional Recruitment successfully ran a targeted initiative to inform friends and family that are coming home to Northern Ireland for Christmas to ‘Bring their talent home’.  The highlight of this event was last night’s meet-up at the Ivory restaurant sponsored by NI Connections.

This was a fantastic opportunity for outstanding talent to meet and greet key clients who partnered with Abacus to promote Belfast, Northern Ireland.  There was talent from Belfast currently working in Brazil, Canada, Italy, London, in attendance, learning the client growth plans for 2016,  the type of people and skills they look for when recruiting, and the successes they have had previously in appointing returners and re locators to their teams.

Andrew Cowan, chief executive of Northern Ireland Connections, said: “Northern Ireland has 10 million first and second generation diaspora, many of whom left home to pursue exciting careers when there perhaps wasn’t the same variety of job opportunities here that there is now.

“There are so many talented people out there with a link to Northern Ireland, and attracting some of them back home could be a game-changer for Northern Ireland’s economy.”

Justin Rush, Director at Abacus states that ‘The demand for professionally qualified staff in Accountancy & Finance, Legal and IT sectors locally is significant.  Recent job announcements have really boosted confidence within the marketplace.  At Abacus we felt the need to generate awareness of this demand to potential recruits locally and those that are based outside of Northern Ireland’.

Guest Speaker JP Irvine gave an exceptional talk on his own re-locator experience and how returning to Belfast not only advanced his career but also made him a better Husband, Son and Father.  His speech not only resonated with the audience from a career point of view but also a personal aspect too….which encompasses the #Belfastforlife ethos.

Mr Rush also referenced the opinions of his clients who are increasing servicing global entities, ‘Professionals from N.Ireland that are working in London, Dublin, Europe or North America or further afield are viewed as highly attractive prospects due to the international experience that they have gained and the extra knowledge they bring to specialist teams.’

He also added “With record job creation, outstanding quality of life, low cost of living and a superb education system now is the time to return to Europe’s trendiest city Belfast.”238 118 092 031 024

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A huge thanks go’s to all our clients and exceptional candidates in attendance and NI Connections for sponsoring the event.

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