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Find your dream job

FIND YOUR DREAM JOB… as a fresh Graduate!

It is true; sometimes we pass our time by sitting about and daydreaming about the world going by.  Especially while in class at university we all have great aspirations to fulfil our dreams and desires to be the next Sir Richard Branson or Sir Alan Sugar.

Let’s sum up and analyse a few steps to climb that ladder to cloud nine and land your dream job!

Find your talent

Analyse your strengths, qualities, dislikes, weaknesses, what you are good and bad at.  Think about what makes you tick, inspire and motivates you.  Do you have any hobbies which you would love to excel at?  Imagine this you are a die-hard rugby fan with a hobby of photography?  Could that be the perfect potential dream job match?  Grab those aspirations and put them into practice.  Dig deep guys and girls!


Search online jobsites; look for jobs that may be of interest to you.  Research is key… as a Graduate you would not have completed university without doing a standard amount of research to finalise that dreaded dissertation submission.  Apply yourself and complete a similar process to landing your dream job.  Investigate companies which you aspire to work in.  Why not attend open events or online webinars to seek priceless material which could help evaluate your options.  Perhaps schedule an informal chat with the HR manager to get more information.  Or give Abacus a call to benefit from our career advice.

Reality Check

Do I have the finance to pursue my dream job?  You may have to invest in further education and development.  Is a bachelors’ degree enough study, your dream job might entail a further qualification such as a master’s degree.  Always think of the commitment which could be ahead of you.  For example; any potential architect has to have at least 7 years plus of studying before being qualified!  Make sure you can comprehend the perfect work life balance!

Is it fun & does it excite you?  Think sensibly when making your dream job choices.  Are you are sociable person?  Or a more hands on, practical individual?  Can you see yourself out on the field or working behind a computer screen?  Answer these questions wisely before it’s too late or you get trapped in a job you don’t share passion with!


Reach out to people who already work in your dream job.  Ask lots of questions to get an in depth feel of doing the job.  Utilise social media such as contacts on LinkedIn, this is the perfect way to connect and receive honest answers to all those mind boggling questions you may have.   And who better to get the information from than someone already in those shoes.


Take Action

  • Update your CV, constantly ensure your CV is fresh and relevant to your dream job role!  Don’t forget to snap up any hands on experience and transfer the information across to excite potential employers when reading your CV.
  • Talk to a professional, seek advice.  Don’t be embarrassed to ask particular questions.  As the saying goes ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get!’  Embrace speaking to a professional; this is a great opportunity which many other candidates would not have.
  • Get the extra training and development you need.  Keep one step ahead of the game!  Exploit any extra training and development.  You never know all that hard work will pay off one day.  Seize as much work related development you can attain, even if it is for just one day training exercise.
  • Try it out…  Get a voluntary placement or internship.  Considered any work related roles, even if they are voluntary.  This is a fantastic break.   Employers thrive on this; they like to see candidates being proactive.  What better way to showcase your appetite for your dream job role!