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The Good and Bad of the Selfie

What not to do on LinkedIn.

Here at Abacus Professional Recruitment we use LinkedIn on a daily basis sourcing candidates and checking their credentials.  With the vast array of social media platforms it is hard to decide what is appropriate as a profile picture.

If you, have a LinkedIn profile you can probably identify with the initial sign up panic of which picture to choose.  Abacus Professional Recruitment, are here to help!  Our consultants have come up with their top tips to help make sure you maximise your LinkedIn potential!

Here are our top tips to avoid the profile picture pitfalls!

  • ‘Keep it professional’ – For all new users of LinkedIn, this platform is a career building, professional social media network and therefore your profile picture should reflect this. A clean background headshot would be ideal, preferably in business or smartly dressed. LinkedIn can act as an online CV platform and could secure you a new job. Do not post anything on there that you wouldn’t want your future boss to see!
  • ‘Don’t do selfies’ – Selfies are great fun for other social media platforms but not LinkedIn! A stretched out arm as you hold on to the phone, trying to get the perfect shot is not OK. At all costs avoid that funny drunken shot from Friday or Saturday night with your friends.  As much fun and games it was to take those snaps, there is a time and place to show case them.  Save them for the next facebook or private emails between each other.
  • ‘Make sure it’s good quality’ – A blurry pixilated camera phone shot will not make your profile look unprofessional. You don’t want to come across as sluggish or disorganised.  Ensure you have a clear, well lit photograph that will truly identify you as a potential employee.
  • ‘Keep the background clear’ – Potential employers don’t want to spend time working out which person is you, keep it simple for your viewers. Employers want to see solely you.  Not a family group photo with your grandparents, your mum, your uncle, your long lost third cousin twice removed or not forgetting your pet goldfish in the background.  Try to have a self-portrait photograph of yourself without all the family.
  • ‘Make it recent’ – A recent, clear image shows openness and honesty. The last thing you need is being called for interview and the employer expecting someone else.
  • ‘Offensive’ – Do not share photographs or make comments which may cause offence to any person or group.