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Graduate CV Tips

How to be ‘King’ or ‘Queen’ of the ‘Employment Jungle’.

It’s a jungle out there when it comes to applying for jobs.   Let’s admit it; it can be very daunting when the application process begins.  You’ve had your fun at university monkeying around, working hard but playing that little bit harder.  You feel it could be time to move on from university life and put all your hard work from your degree to good use.   We are offering top tips from our Recruitment Specialists at Abacus on how to make your CV stand out from the graduate crowd!

Recognise the importance

Your CV is the first thing that will help make you ‘King or Queen’ of the employment jungle.   A potential employer doesn’t know you, they don’t know the skills and attributes you have nor do they know the level of experience you have.  This is why you need to create a CV that is out of this world!  It is your only chance to shine and stand out from the graduate crowd.  Take care and time to nurture your CV.  As a fresh graduate it will be one of the most important business documents you will ever use to get your foot in the door.  Take the jungle crown and wear it with great pride!

Size does not fit all

Note to self your CV must portray why you are applying and ensure you reflect your suitability to any potential employer.  Let’s make it simple, as a Business Graduate you have an umbrella full of options to which path you may want to take; applying for numerous roles such as Management, Clerical or Marketing and Communication.  Yes you have a great skill set but remember each role is slightly different.   Alter your CV for every job you apply for utilise your strengths, skills to give you the upper hand when a handful of applicants for similar role.  You want your CV to be at the top of that jungle pile!

Keywords are crucial

To date keywords have a huge impact outlining your knowledge within any sector you may be applying for.  As a graduate be mindful and use specific words to pop up and showcase your talent.  Use bullet point:

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Easy to read
  • Short
  • Sharp

By applying bullet points this allows important content to be easily absorbed without having the potential employer having to look for the finer detail.  Being fresh meat into the recruitment process don’t follow the crowd ensure you excel to the top by using predator instinct!

Attention to detail

Go to town; remove those jungle drags by double if not triple checking grammar and spelling within your CV content.  You don’t want to be seen as the foolish chimpanzee that mixes ‘i’s’ before the ‘e’s’.  Overindulge with CV presentation skills; simple line spacing or justification can set any graduate apart.

Market Yourself

Set the standard by exciting potential employers with your previous work experience.  As a graduate you have fulfilled the hard work don’t let it go to waste but forgetting to note it down.   Sell yourself to be the Lion or Lioness of the jungle, if you have the experience apply it to paper.  Roar with confidence to allow your personality to shine through.   Blow potential employers away!

Show Achievements

Lastly don’t be afraid to present any hobbies or interests, remember they don’t always have to be work related.  If you are the captain of the football, hockey or netball team continue to be the leader of the pack and showcase your talents in your CV.  This enables potential employers to see how well rounded of a graduate you are.

Own your right to be at the top of the employment jungle and find that perfect job that you deserve!