In the world of recruitment, change is a constant. However the same goal applies – to match professionals with opportunities.

Employers continue to raise expectations because the battle for talent is very challenging, at a local and global level. Pressures are great, to gain and retain key talents within your staff.

The behaviour of candidates is also changing. People are less active, with many expecting jobs to find them.

Every professional is active and passive. Every firm with growth in mind will always be keen to explore talent if it comes to market.

For the team in Abacus, we are always finding and deploying methods to source, attract and match jobs and people. We offer a broad portfolio of tactics which are tailored to every company – whether you need just 1 or more than 100 people.

An insight of our typical day may involve:


We brand jobs on local, national and international websites to source a healthy pool of people. We promote each opportunity to active and passive candidates and help them to make the right choice


We enjoy deploying the right strategy for the right company. We explore and discover people from TV, Radio, Buses, Online webinars, Open Evenings, Job Boards, paid online ads, videos, referrals and are deep within CV databases and social media sites.


We can find people who want to work for you but love to get out and source professionals who don’t even know they want to work for you yet!! We work with firms and government to promote NI plc and pick out graduates at universities in GB and Dublin and will network with experienced professionals and future leaders in stellar locations such as the House of Commons and many other swanky places.

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With thousands of people on our database since 2003, we have built a reliable and trusted reputation across various professional service sectors. We are closely linked with future leaders and key networkers in many markets so benefit greatly from kind referrals from professional to professional.

Uncovering Talent

We bring key talents to market. With our experience, you just know where someone will fit because we know the companies, the leadership and culture. We know what doors to knock on to promote your skills and talent and match the jobs that haven’t even been written up yet …