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In House Lawyers Ultimate Quiz

In House Lawyers’ Ultimate Quiz

At Abacus Professional Recruitment we pride ourselves on being industry leaders.  The Abacus Legal team have identified there is huge requirement for high calibre  In House Legal talent in Northern Ireland.  With this in mind Abacus invited a number of local professionals to join the Abacus In House Lawyers’ Ultimate Quiz to gain greater insights to their thoughts, frustrations, salary expectations or preferred benefits within their industry!

For all those who attended, we promised you – Abacus was sure to take the average pub quiz and put our twist on it… so instead of round after round of questions members of the In House Lawyers Group competed within a 100m sprint, team bobsleighing challenges, Strictly Come Dancing rounds and not forgetting the exclusive X-factor round for those who have voices like angels… Many industry professionals attended and were not shy getting involved.  Please see a selection of images below:

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Abacus are also currently gathering results of the In-House Legal Market.  Don’t forget to submit your thoughts on the current In-House market, we’d love to gain your insight too. Add your input today and receive a copy of the results today!

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For more information please feel free to contact our Legal team today in confidence on 028 9031 3157 or call anytime (day/evening) by speaking to Stuart John (Associate Director 078 0314 6424) or Alan Braithwaite (Director 079 2171 4106).  Further information is available on or alternatively within our 2015 Legal Salary Survey