10 Top Tips for setting New Year Career Resolutions


“I will get that payrise”, “I will win a promotion” “I will get a new job”….if these sound familiar then you are one of many who make a number of New Year career resolutions to improve professionally but quickly forget about them.  I have put together 10 resolutions that will help you take advantage of new career opportunities…and make your 2016 one to remember.

#1 I will have an outstanding CV

In my opinion your CV is one of the most important documents you will ever own:  when your CV works well, you work and you will be presented with superb opportunities; when it doesn’t work well, you don’t work and the opportunities are non-existent. Your CV is the primary device that introduces you to the professional world and ‘opens doors’ to showcase your skills.  Properly executed, it ensures that prospective employers and future colleagues see you as you want to be seen.  However cut corners with your CV, and you will cheat yourself of employment now and career success in the future.

#2 I will develop the skills I need to succeed

A successful career doesn’t just happen, it happens when you develop key skills and continue to improve them.  The more of these tools in your armory the more chance you have to succeed.  Some of these skill include;

  • How to write an outstanding CV;
  • How to get master your next interview;
  • How to use social media to land your next job;
  • How to win that next promotion;
  • How to master work / life balance;
  • How to be an excellent manager;

Not everyone thinks about the development of career management skills as being important to achieving long-term professional success, but as there is an increase of exceptional talent and competition for the best jobs, the effort put into acquiring career management skills will be paid back exponentially throughout your career.  For a copy of any of the ‘how to’ guides please get in touch.

#3 I will connect to my industry

Knowledge is Power….There isn’t an industry or profession on earth that doesn’t have a trade association, user group, or online discussion board.  Regardless if you are currently employed or not, join one as outstanding opportunities are presented when being around like-minded people.  Northern Ireland and Belfast has a great culture of meet up events and these professional associations and communities are where you need to be.   Join in as these networks are a great way for uncovering hidden jobs, furthering your knowledge, and connecting with like-minded people. Check out our top tips for your linkedin profile

#4 I will be prepared

Being prepared when searching for your next role in 2016 will not only save you precious time but will give you an advantage over the competition.  If you save and capture useful information about employers you would like to work for, when it’s time for job change again, you won’t have to start your research from scratch and you will have excellent information for the interview process.

#5 I will boost my employability and desirability

Whilst the rapid growth across several sectors is exciting, the constant change of skills required means there is an ongoing need to remain relevant.  Without relevant skills, you will rapidly become obsolete, therefore you need an ongoing plan of skill development to remain employable and desirable in the job market.

Talk you your boss or peers to maximise your professional skills (and protect your job at the same time) about what skills you need to develop and strategies to improve your performance.  Implement the advice, and follow up every couple of months to share your commitment and progress keeping you visible to decision makers.

#6 I will make more time

With the average UK resident watching 4hours of TV per day and spending more time on tech on than sleeping, there is a huge opportunity to enhance your career by tuning of the TV and putting down the IPhone. Freeing up 30mins a night would allow you to use the time to understand and build the skills for professional success that you will use again and again throughout your career. Whilst your competition is watching a 30min sitcom you’re gaining knowledge and enhancing your career.

#7 I will invest in training and development

If you are one of the many who leave their career development up to their current employers now is the time to take control of your own growth.  You are the person who is most in tune with your current skill set.  Take some time to identify your weaknesses and turn them into strengths.  Local colleges, professional bodies, online course etc all offer a superb range of low-cost training opportunities.

#8 I will learn to sell myself

A strong CV and excellent work ethic will open doors but you need to march through them with confidence.  Unless you are in a role where you regularly explain your duties or give presentations, you are probably not used to – and uncomfortable with – talking about yourself, your best skills, strengths, attributes, and shining moments.  To progress your career you need to find a way to lose the nerves and get over any discomfort when talking about yourself and your accomplishments.  The candidate who gets the best jobs is one who genuinely and can articulate their message with words, body language, and confidence.believes they have something unique to offer

#9 I will keep my eyes open

With record FDI investment and Invest NI over delivering on jobs the NI job market is in a healthy state.  However this doesn’t always mean it’s safer to stay with your current employer than to risk taking a job with a new company.  Even in the best of times, companies routinely are merged, acquired, imploded, and overtaken, creating hundreds of new and exciting jobs.  Always be aware of business conditions and keep your eyes and ears open for when it is the best time to make a move.  It is also essential to keep track of your market worth.

#10 I will contact Abacus

These are New Year Resolutions that really will make a difference…so for more information on our job roles in specialised sectors and to discuss how Abacus Professional Recruitment can help you have a 2016 filled with success give our dedicated team a call on 028 9031 3157 today, drop us an emailinfo@abacus.jobs  or visit our site www.abacus.jobs