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How to master your next technological interview

Technological Interview Tips

With the ever evolving digital world and fast pace of the ever changing recruitment process, Abacus have gained excellent insight on how candidates can master their next technological interview

For some this style of interview through scheduled telephone, video or Skype calls is more daunting than going to a normal face to face interview.

To increase our candidate’s chances of success, we would love to provide our insight on how to prepare you as much as possible!  Abacus Professional Recruitment has gathered top tips which should be focused when facing technology based interviews.

Your aim is to try to show your enthusiasm and commitment in a short conversation.

Before the Telephone / Video Skype Interview

  • Have a dummy run of your set up. Practice is key! This will enable you to have a smooth running and boost your confidence for the actual interview.  We wouldn’t want you to establish some technology bloopers IE your internet connection to fail or have a blank screen the whole way through the interview.
  • Print out the job description and your CV. Just in case this should be a precaution; it will be handy if you are required to make a reference during the interview – don’t you think?
  • Dress Professionally. We cannot stress this enough!  You don’t want to be seen half-dressed and wearing your PJ bottoms (or worse) if you are required to stand up during your video call.
  • Have a glass of water to hand – just in case you have a dry throat, this will be your saviour especially if you start coughing during the video call.
  • Try to scope out your surroundings. Good lightening, quiet and tidy area.  This is to ensure all focus is on you.  By your surroundings being distraction free for the interviewer it prevents any interruptions and places the focus on you.
  • Lastly, remember to disable or turn off your emails, incoming telephone calls or texts which could pop through and disrupt your train of thought.


During the Telephone / Video Skype Interview

  • Don’t be afraid to ask the interviewers to adjust their angle or volume setting before the interview actually starts. This is your moment to shine and you don’t want to miss a vital piece of information when asked a question.
  • Use your initiative – try to space your answers out with a two/three second space. This will allow you to maintain your professionalism and prevent talking over your potential employer.
  • Smile and relax – try to be yourself. You have the upper hand within a video or Skype interview.  Remember you are in your own surroundings be confident within yourself and your answers.
  • Acknowledge your body posture. Try to sit straight, and use your hands expressively this will enable you to show case your enthusiasm.
  • Try to look directly straight into the camera not the screen image. The employer will want to see you not the top of your head.


After the Telephone / Video Skype Interview

  • Just like a normal face to face interview, you’d shake hands and thank the panel for their time. It is no different sending a brief thank you email for the time and effort of the interview taking place.  This might add brownie points to you as a candidate!


If you have any other queries or want to set up a test technological interview please do not hesitate to get in touch with Abacus Professional Recruitment on 028 9031 3157 | today! Our consultants will be more than happy to guide you to a having successful technology based interviews and nail that Skype call.