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Northern Ireland Big Data Predictions

The big data ecosystem is constantly changing, bringing with it multiple predication’s and unique insights on a global scale.  With so many guru’s and experts in the field, local knowledge and insights can be lost in this tsunami of information.

The big data market is thriving in Northern Ireland and at Abacus we are in an excellent position to share our thoughts on what is happening in the big data market on a local level.

Working on a daily basis with market leading big data clients and high calibre data centric candidates has provided excellent insight to the marketplace.  My observations in recent times have led to the following predictions within the local analytics marketplace:

  •  There will be a move away from more traditional statistical/development packages towards cloud based applications
  • The modern data analyst/scientist will have more of a blend of computer science skills along with a mathematical education/background
  • The introduction of more software developers into data science teams with skills such as C#, java etc. in order to add more dimensions and scope
  • SQL becoming less of a go to tool and eventually phased out in favour of more modern applications
  • An Increase in career changers as masters and top up courses in data science are offered across the UK

These are my thoughts and views on the market, but feel free to share your trends, predictions and insights.

For more information on big data jobs available in Northern Ireland or latest insights get in touch today with Mark Bonar “the naked analyst” and your very own Big Data Industry Encyclopedia on or call 02890313157.