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Justin Rush, Abacus Director

Justin Rush, Abacus Director

The co-founder of Abacus and with over 15 years in recruitment, Justin emphasises the importance of quality. His motto is take time, not kill, fill and move on, a motto which all of the team at Abacus have adopted. Sourcing the right talent for each job is key to our success.

Justin has three main passions: Spurs, his wife and kids (in that order).

He has a keen interest in the economy and the politics of Northern Ireland and if he isn’t reading up on the latest happenings he is running after his four wonderful kids or cheering on his beloved Spurs (much to the amusement of the rest of the office!).

Justin’s Role within Abacus:

Being the Co-owner and Business Director at Abacus Professional Recruitment, Justin loves what he does throughout the working week.

His key skills are: Recruitment of skilled finance and accounting personnel, identifying truly outstanding talent, sourcing across the world to find subject matter specialists with deep knowledge, delivering key recruitment projects that positively affect bottom line performance and of course helping good people align themselves to the best possible job opportunities.

Specifically focusing on accountancy and financial and niche recruitment assignments Justin works on “getting people in the room”.  He has had the pleasure of working with many of the best people and organisations in N.Ireland during his career.  Working alongside a number of DFI’s (deeply flawed individuals) to help them perform better at interviews in order to attain the job they desire.

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