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Overview of the In House market

Overview of the In House Legal market

The legal market within Northern Ireland has certainly evolved over the past few years and it is widely recognised that the emerging career options are broadening.  The good news is, things are on the up and opportunities exist across all areas of the legal sector and one of the areas specifically increasing is ‘In House’.  Therefore Abacus are openly providing an overview of the In House market.

The In House market is in a very healthy state and this, coupled with a number of alternative legal service roles is presenting an exciting range of career options for professionals at all levels. Technical skills are still extremely important and companies place a high level of importance on these, particularly Commercial Contracts, Real Estate, Employment and Litigation (EL/PL).  In addition to being a competent solicitor, employers also value some of the ‘softer skills’ the people can offer such as Leadership qualities, People Management and Client Relationships skills too.

Of course, you can still opt for the traditional Practice route and this option still remains strong, but things are changing – in the past year, the level of In House opportunities with NI have doubled.

So, if you are keen to explore In House or other exciting legal roles with NI, or considering a career move or even relocating to Northern Ireland and want to discuss the market, get in touch.  To discuss your career options, or to gain more information regarding In-House roles.  Please contact the Abacus team in confidence on 02890313157 or call anytime (day/evening) by speaking to Stuart John (Associate Director 07803146424) or Alan Braithwaite (Director 07921714106). Further information is available on

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