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The perfect Cover Letter

How to create the perfect Cover Letter in 5 simple steps:

Your cover letter presents you in a way that will make an employer want to meet you.  It is the first thing they read.  It is the flesh on the bare bones of your CV.  Follow these 5 simple steps to help put you on the right pathway.

1) Address your cover letter accordingly:

This is step one, you never open your mail without it being addressed accordingly.  So why do so for your cover letter?  Make it simple for the employer.  Mark the cover letter appropriately; you don’t want it to go into the land of the missing.  Always start a cover letter with Dear Sir/Madam or even better address it personally Dear Mr Smyth.  Start as you mean to go on, first impressions count for everything as an applicant everything is being judge.  Your cover letter is your initial first impression to employers.

2) Do your research on the company and on the applied position:

This way you can create a cover letter that explains why you are suitable for the role and why you deserve a chance to be interviewed.  This will enable the perfect opportunity to have a good insight to the style and way the company works and grasp their personality.  As a candidate you also want to show your enthusiasm and interest in the role.  Researching the company and apply your cover letter accordingly this will prevail a shining example.  Set the standard, sell yourself to potential employers and emphasize how you would be the perfect candidate!

3) Use a writing style that suits your personality:

Step 3 keep your cover letter eye catching, interesting, simple, clear and concise.  Let your true colours shine through in a professional manner.  Not forgetting excellent spelling and grammar.  Honestly it is the basics which can let your down.  You don’t want any potential employer to gain a bad impression by having a glance of your cover letter before they even receive an opportunity to dissect your CV.

4) Highlight your top skills and qualities:

This is where you should put all your effort and sparkle.  Try to relate your better skills and qualities to the effective job role you are applying for.  This is a fantastic opportunity for any potential employer to visual how you can fit into the current team environment.  Try to be specific about the experience you have previously gained or qualifications you have obtained through university, work or part time studying.  Don’t waffle or repeat something you may have previously touched on.  Keep your reader engaged and excited with what you have to offer.

5) End your cover letter accordingly:

Thank the potential employer for taking the time to read through your document.  Reinforce and show initiative, give yourself an edge over other potential candidates.  Lastly don’t forget to be polite and courteous, this can also set you apart.  Finish your cover letter with a positive remark include a strong closing.  E.g.: Yours sincerely or Regards.  Continue to let your confidence and enthusiasm flow from the start to the very end of your cover letter.