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Throughout 2014, various national and international media brands have continued to promote articles indicating a growing outward trend of professionals departing from London (aged in their 20s, 30s or more mature, like me!). The common source tends to relate to the Office of National Statistics but the headlines offer a glamourous take on the number crunching. Google search for these headlines and more:

  • London is losing its lustre for younger people
  • Young Londoners flee capital for the regions
  • Van Persie leaves Arsenal to relocate to Man Utd (oops!)
  • Why are loads of young people leaving London?
  • Steep house prices forcing record number of thirtysomethings out of London
  • ‘Cool’ London is dead, and the rich kids are to blame.

Anyhow, we aren’t in a position to statistically analyze London, but we do know quite a bit about the quality of life, the quality of work and the career opportunities opening in Belfast, in case you do wish to find a home in Belfast or come back to your old home in NI.

As a region outside of London, Northern Ireland is attracting the most inward investment – 6% of UK fdi and only 3% of the population (source PWC). This means jobs, career opportunities and promotions within global companies now setting up in Northern Ireland. Let’s use the press again as evidence. Ask Jeeves (?) or Bing for:

  • Northern Ireland in push to attract foreign investors
  • Attracting High Value FDI
  • Northern Ireland Outperforms Rest of UK in Attracting Foreign Investment
  • UK attracts highest levels of inward investment on record
  • Foreign investment in Northern Ireland rises 41% in a year
  • Invest NI posts record jobs numbers
  • Northern Ireland’s record jobs growth outstrips UK

You may be based in London or Sydney and occasionally you hear that voice at the back of your head e.g. ‘wouldn’t it be great to catch up with so and so’ or ‘have a pint in The Crown again’. In Abacus we are committed to our #belfastforlife programme that outlines how you can permanently relocate your career back here.

The good thing about us is our presence here every day, working with some amazing companies (locally owned and global powerhouses) who are equally keen to work with us and get a chance to talk to you about bringing your talent back.

Talk to us, challenge us. Skype us or meet us in Belfast … or a city near you.

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