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Any Questions? What candidates should ask before the interview is a wrap:

Any questions???  Let’s be honest, your interview is coming to an end.  You’ve settled your nerves and you are responding well to the panel you have to face.  Then suddenly BOOM, a bomb has potentially been set off… The potential employer asks do you have ANY QUESTIONS.


The fear sets across your face, you go back to that nervous panic mode when you first walked into the building.  Somehow you decide to mumble some rubbish to continue you’re enthusiasm of the role.  While hoping the ground would open up and swallow you in one.  As you finish the interview you want to kick yourself at your stupidity when reflecting back on your performance.


At Abacus Professional Recruitment we know how it feels.  We have all been there at one stage of our career.  As recruiters our team at Abacus, have gathered tips on how candidates should respond to that dreaded ‘Any Questions?’  Before the interview is a wrap by listing what not to ask and how to ask those dreaded questions.


  • “What holidays do I get”


What is the package for this role? Does it increase with your length of service?”

Means you can find out about all the benefits, not just the holidays and shows you are looking to your long term future within the company.


  • “Why did the last person leave?”


Am I replacing someone or is his a new role?

Allows you to find out if you will be working within set parameters or if you will be treading on new ground.


  • “How soon will I find out about the role?”


What’s our next step?

Doesn’t put the interviewer under pressure and shows you are interested in the role.


  • Can you help put me through a course I want to do?


Does  ‘company x’ support on-going training and learning for their employees?

The employer will want to put you through training which will help you develop within their company, not just for your own career.

One last tip is to be prepared and be you!  We can’t express any more than to prepare and do your homework!  You have been invited to be interviewed, you have must have the skill set to be in the lucky position of being asked – ‘Do you have any questions?’  Showcase your enthusiasm and walk out of that interview smiling!