Case Studies

Since opening our business in 2003, Abacus has recruited staff for hundreds of companies across many industries and sectors. We have provided solutions for senior executive appointments; middle and lower management hiring and short term temporary assignments. Here’s a taster of our own talent:

Accountancy Sector

Challenge – A niche award-winning manufacturing company required a Financial Controller to work closely with the highly successful business owner.

Solution – As we had never worked with the firm before, we spent time on site, reviewing their business and potential to grow internationally. Abacus tailored a personality profile and coordinated several interviews and bespoke presentations to find the match this executive level appointment.

Challenge – Large Fund Administrator was using multiple agencies to appoint a volume of people with an accountancy background. The market was very challenging as several announcements for jobs were created and the talent pool was shrinking.

Solution – Abacus collaborated closely to put together a series of extra invitation only events including an Open Evening and Online Webinar. This included several senior managers who were directly introduced to several new applicants. Multiple placements have resulted.

Analytics Sector

Challenge – A senior figure in credit risk that worked for a local bank in Belfast engaged with Abacus as his current suppliers weren’t able to grasp what they needed nor were they able to supply a volume of top quality candidates.

Solution - Abacus were able to use their extensive financial services database to highlight a number of suitable candidates.  Then use our locally unrivalled expertise in credit risk recruitment to pin point which candidates would be suitable for the specific roles.  We again were also able to go to the extensive external network of candidates we have built up in risk and analytics. Placed some very specialised candidates in a range of hard to fill roles that the client had struggled with for a number of months.  Client has also came back to say that the all the individuals we placed with them have all moved into more senior roles.

Challenge – Small indigenous boutique analytics firm had a requirement for a number of statisticians and data analysts.  This ranged from experienced staff up into management down to the best graduates that Belfast had to offer.requirement for a number of statisticians and data analysts

Solution –  Used our wide and developed network in this area to speak with interested candidates and also got extensive referrals because of our history and success within this area.  For the more junior candidates we were able to use our marketing team to engage in various social media marketing campaigns and attract some of the best local candidates. Placed 7 candidates in a 10 month period some of which have now moved in more senior roles and our now back in touch to recruit more junior candidates.

Business Services Sector

Challenge – An English-based company moving into Ireland territory found us on Google and wanted to know if we could help them fill a very highly niche sales role, dealing with children with learning difficulties. It was complex; the sales person had to display consultative and empathetic qualities but also assertiveness and determination to promote their products to public bodies in the middle of the deepest recession and period of austerity.

Solution – Rather than bring the client over, we used online video and asked candidates deliver a presentation about the company, the products, the buyer and market. The most suited candidate was so well matched that the client was hesitant to offer the role on the belief that the person knew so much that “he must have been from a competitor”. We assured them and 7 years later, he is bringing great success to the firm and supporting thousands of families throughout Ireland. Well done Stephen.

Challenge – Large global legal firm in Belfast was committed to the appointment of a new Head of Social Marketing but local efforts to recruit directly were failing to generate suitable candidate.

Solution – Abacus provided technical assessments for all shortlisted candidates then each person selected for interview completed a psychometric assessment profile. This helped the company focus on people who matched culture, environment and focus of their business.

Challenge - An International manufacturing company were looking to recruit for someone to join their Sales team (a new role within the company).  We met with the client to fully understand the nature of the role and explored how this person would fit into the culture and comprehend the level of resources available to present the brand globally. From the original list of candidate CVs sent, our favourite wasn’t selected for interview!

Solution – We took the risk and challenged this decision, strongly suggesting they interview the applicant.  In short, the skills matched perfectly and after two interviews in two days, our recommendation was welcomed. The person won two promotions within 18 months.

Financial Services Sector

Challenge – Instructed by a client to find 70 finance administrators exclusively over a 6 months period. This involved some turbulence due to the uncertainty in the market so the project would be stop/start on occasion.

Solution – Used the Abacus database (aged 11) we created a talent pipeline and used our assessment screening to find administrators with the right skills, behaviours and desires. We created unique job ads and used Youtube videos, collaborated with colleges and universities to obtain quality graduates and squeezed our referral network to meet their expectation on time.

Challenge – A Senior Director of a local bank in Belfast literally walked in unannounced one day and after explaining that he was dissatisfied with his existing suppliers, challenging our team to prove our knowledge of the market and capability.

Solution – We presented a dozen CVs by the close of play and ultimately provided a major volume of his appointments for the rest of the year.

Challenge – Leading local bank recruiting a Product Specialist on a 12 month contract.

Solution – The role had been filled by Abacus but unfortunately candidate left to take up a permanent role elsewhere.  Abacus that same day were able to offer a like for like replacement on a temporary basis for a trail period then the candidate was moved to a fixed term contract.

Technology Sector

Challenge – A software house was looking for a senior .net developer that could work directly under the Director, manage the technical aspects but also manage, mentor and train junior developers.

Solution – We filtered candidates on capability and experience but then utilised our licence for validated assessments and screened them individual using psychometric profiling. This ensured the right person was appointed who genuinely was motivated to share knowledge and lead by example.

Challenge – A local technology company were looking for a Technical Developer with both front and back-end skills and experience. This was proving to be an issue for the company after attempting to recruit directly.

Solution – Abacus asked interested candidates to present a criteria document directly to the firm explaining how they could elevate the business. A very challenging interview sequence was managed and we appointed someone who is now part of the senior management team.

Challenge – Renowned local software house had a challenging role which was one of the first of its type in Northern Ireland so the pool of visible candidates was very small.

Solution – We worked very closely with the client to really understand what they needed (they weren’t 100% sure themselves) and we eventually profiled and pinpoint a selection of candidates via social media (based local and national) who offered the right experience. We had to explore how their skills and competency could be stretched and also establish which person had the right desire to lead, motivate and take a stake via stock options. Not too many people right entrepreneur on their CV so we had to ask the right questions. Feedback from both parties is fantastic – a perfect match!