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Retention Tips within the Business Services Sector

Retention Tips within the Business Services Sector

Are you a company that promotes a product or service, and feel your team is your most valuable asset.  Abacus acknowledges a key business goal for many employers is the ongoing mission to retain high calibre employees.  As higher retention rates result in lower training costs and keeping the team focused, rather than the unwanted uncertainty and disturbance that the constant cycle of personnel can cause.

Competition will be particularly intense for those high calibre candidates with strong business networks and have a proven ability to exceed their targets and KPI’s.  Due to constantly high demand for skilled staff we recommend employers are prepared to make attractive offers immediately, to become the employer of choice.  Please view below our top retention tips within the Business Services Sector:

Top HR Retention Tips from Abacus to remain ahead of the competition:

  1. Develop effective HR leaders via innovative mentoring and training programmes to ensure your business is in position for anticipated growth
  2. Create cutting edge employer branding and offer market leading development, career paths and work / life balance initiatives
  3. Look beyond traditional HR expectations and become more flexible to enable your HR function to offer additional outputs, such as different ways to strengthen employee engagement

Top Marketing Retention Tips from Abacus:

  1. Identify your future talent and develop personal development plans, employee engagement is key
  2. Staff management – develop your people management skills, get the best out of your teams
  3. Benefits – Consider small valued rewards such as training, social events or car parking

Top Sales Executive Retention Tips from Abacus:

  1. Offer clear leadership as those staff who perceive that your company knows exactly where it is going and what it will take to get there, they will be more willing to stay and want to contribute
  2. Provide career development as we know sales people tend to be very career focused and will do whatever necessary, (including changing employers), to advance their career tracks
  3. Build a sales team as a sales staff tend to perform a lot better in a team environment due to the support and shared competition that a team provides

More employer tips can be found within our 2015 Business Services Salary Survey.  Alternatively to receive more information regarding candidates in the Business Services market.  Please contact the Abacus Business Services Team in confidence on 028 9031 3157 or call anytime (day/evening) by speaking to Alex Noble.