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Stay positive when job searching

Stay positive when job searching

At Abacus we understand how your motivation can be flattened when job searching.  We would like to recommend ways to stay positive when job searching for your ideal role:

  • Be realistic

Stay positive, no matter how hard, how maddening or how gut wrenching your job search may be.  Never refuse to give up in your job search.  When searching for your dream job, at Abacus we recommend to expand your horizons.  It is incredible how your perspective can change.  By setting realistic milestones we can guarantee success.  When we first meet our candidates, we bring everyone to registration.  This gives Abacus’, recruitment consultants the chance to analyse your CV, provide open communication and be realistic in regards to potential job opportunities.

  • Reach out for help

By reaching out for help, we can analyse job opportunities that you may not have considered.  At Abacus, we believe there is no harm in asking.  Everyone requires guidance, so what’s different from contacting professionals in their field?  If you are unsure on your career path or would like a second opinion on your CV layout contact Abacus Professional Recruitment today.  By speaking out regarding your concerns or struggles and surrounding yourself with optimism, it will most certainly boost your confidence.

  • Time Management

Focus your efforts on what you can achieve.  By making a brief list of activities which can influence your job search, in turn will have positive impacts!  If you are currently out of work, ensure to take advantage of your free time.  Improve your CV by building your knowledge.  Consider attending courses or networking events regularly in your desired field.  Master how to use LinkedIn to your advantage, or call and book an appointment with Abacus Professional Recruitment to assess your recruitment needs.  By thoughtfully considering what you can control and making improvements for the better.  Potential employers will admire your drive and determination.

  • Consider Temporary Work

Have you ever considered temporary work while searching for your dream job?  Not only will you improve your skill set but gain the opportunity to build your experience.  Most temporary employees find they gain much greater satisfaction, and return on financial investment, when they are in control of their own skills development.  By continuing to perform to a role that you love, training and development will become second nature.  Which in turn will look great on your CV and may also result in gaining a permanent position.

At Abacus we highly believe in staying positive when searching our candidates dream job.  If you feel like you are stuck in a rut and would like to breathe life to your career.  Abacus Professional Recruitment have a range of roles available within numerous sectors Accountancy, Analytics, Business Services, Financial Services, Legal, Technical or Technology.  Why not contact one of the Abacus Consultants to discuss job opportunities available to you today: 028 9031 3157 | or alternatively submit your CV and we will call you back ASAP.