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To Temp or Not to Temp?

To Temp or Not to Temp?

Contract Work – “Why should I not be applying?” Is the real question you should be asking yourself!

Many potential candidates are put off at the thought of applying for temporary work as their next job role.  We at Abacus feel you should be asking yourself “Why should I not be applying?”  If you have the skill set, believe it or not, you have the higher advantage of being snapped up!

There are many hidden benefits which candidates do not realise when applying and successfully achieving contract work.  Read on to find out these top perks!


Top Benefits can include:

Increased Wages

Potentially you could benefit from increased earnings.  Being on a Temporary contract you are paid more per hour/day than an equivalent employee.  According to REC a third of employers (36%) say that temporary workers earn more than they would on a permanent contract at selective companies, and fifty-six per cent say temporary workers earn the same. Only 2% say that temp workers earn less.  Interesting statistics… What do you feel about this one?  REC has also provided for the first time a comparison of agency pay rates to permanent salaries. This data shows an upward trend, with the proportion of employers stating that temporary staff earn more than their permanent colleagues increasing from 19% in March 2014 to 36 per cent in January 2015.



How do you feel about choosing which skills to develop and what training you take?  Most contractors find they gain much greater satisfaction, and return on financial investment, when they are in control of their own skills development.  By continuing to perform to a role that you love, training and development will become second nature.  Three quarters of employers (75%) said that the primary reason for taking on agency workers is to gain ‘short-term access to key strategic skills’ confirmed by REC.  By excelling our skills at your own pace, and choosing when and where you want to work.


Freedom – Work/Life Balance 

Imagine being in control of your rota?  You can delegate when you’ll like to take a break from working for as long as you may so please.  Or alternatively if you are expecting a new-born to the family, you can lift the pressure of maternity or paternity time off.  Let’s put it this way… When you are between contracts, you can choose to take as much or as little time off as you like. Plus, because you are potentially earning more, you have to work less to make the same amount of money as when you were employed.  At Abacus we believe Temporary work offers flexibility.  Imagine having the bonus of being able to prioritise your study while working.  REC has found understanding motivations workers, 14% stated that they did so to pursue other hobbies. For some of the younger participants, temporary work enabled them to earn money while studying or to save money or pursue other aspirations. For many, pursuing an aspiration required investing time and money that could be achieved through temping.


Pride of Accomplishment

Like the thought of working in specialised projects with a focussed end goal and gaining new skills along the way?  Every individual strives success and the pride of accomplishment!  REC suggests that temporary workers are much more active in determining their career choices than is often perceived. Temporary work serves a number of purposes. Any candidates suggested that temporary work provides them with useful experience to signal their aptitude and capabilities to potential employers. This is particularly evident for young people entering the labour market and for migrants who may have the skills but are not yet able to show country specific skills and aptitude.


Have we swayed your thoughts on contractual or temporary work?  We have a range of roles available in all sectors Accountancy, Analytics, Business Services, Financial Services, Legal, Technical or Technology.  You must acquire a whole set of expertise, which we call ‘contracting skills’, to ensure that you stay in contract, earn the highest rates, keep your skills fresh and run your contracting business compliantly and efficiently.  Why not contact one of the Abacus Consultants to discuss opportunities available to you today: 028 9031 3157 |