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Top 10 Tips For Your LinkedIn Profile

Top 10 Tips For Your LinkedIn Profile

As a recruitment agency, we understand a few tips are always welcomed when it comes to fine tuning your CV.  We strongly advise that tweaking your LinkedIn Profile should be taken as seriously as updating your CV offline.  Your LinkedIn profile presents you in a way that will intrigue the desire of potential employers or recruiters wanting to meet you after that first initial glance of your online profile.

Follow these 10 simple tips to update and allow your LinkedIn Profile to be at the highest standard it deserves:

Top 10 Tips LinkedIn Profile


At Abacus Professional Recruitment we recommend to treat your LinkedIn profile as an online CV.  It is a major part of being ‘seen’ by recruiters and potential employers.  Keep your LinkedIn Profile professional and as up to date as you can, adding any relevant work experience.  It is a great way to network and connect outside of your professional circle.

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