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Top 4 Considerations when dealing with Counter Offers

Top 4 Considerations when dealing with Counter Offers

It’s nearly celebration time you’ve done the hard work by sending your CV, passing the shortlisting stage and successfully nailed the interview process.  You’ve received the good news from Abacus’ your dream job has been offered to you.

Now a difficult stage of the process can begin.    You have successfully got through the tough stages, been hit with an outstanding offer to move, and nervously handed in your notice, awaiting your next step then suddenly your current employer has a counter offer…

Convenient isn’t it, you thought your great escape was going to sail by.  However now you have twice the pressure to reconsider.  From our experience some of the key points to consider are;

  1. Recognition…

We want to stress the question, why where you looking for a new role in the first place?  If your skills, hard work and effort hadn’t have gone unnoticed you would never have looked elsewhere to begin.  Has your employer only just realised your full potential and importance in the workplace?   Take a brief moment to remember why you took the step to contact Abacus to help breathe life to your career.

  1. Perks of the job…

Remember a pay raise or promotion isn’t going to change your working environment.  If you are content and a pay raise ticks your boxes, feel free to stay at your current workplace.  However what about other vital factors such as work life balance and jobs perks (which have slowly been ignored?)  Where do they lie with your career, Recognition? Performance review? Flexible working hours? Good leadership? Pension contributions? Continuous Professional development? A change of scenery?  Innovative team?  Improved work life balance?  Refreshed perspective from poor leadership or management?  These are key factors you search for a new job to begin.

  1. Trust…

You should trust your employer and they should trust you.  You’ve always been a team player, the employee who gets their work completed on time, to a high standard and with no trouble. However now all the ‘cards are on the table’ management know you have been looking elsewhere, by handing in your notice and this could be a slight worry in regards to where loyalties lie?

  1. Pressures of what you are leaving behind…

It is difficult as you feel like you are a part of a family.  We all build relationships with fellow work colleagues, and we don’t want to let our team down.  Our credibility too, it has taken years to build upon client relationships.  However new roles bring new relationships, new teams, new clients and new challenges, all of which add excitement and credibility to any career.  It worth remembering if you accept a pay rise to stay with your current company, the dynamic of existing relationships will change.

The big question is should you stay or should you go.  In essence the question ceases to be one of career development and becomes one of material enticement.

Our recruitment consultants, are only a phone call away to finding you, your perfect role!  Pop us an email or alternatively ring our office for a confidential chat on 028 9031 3157 | At Abacus we understand the counter offer stage is very tricky, however we have the knowledge and experience to help you make a sound and informed decision. We would advise all our candidates in this situation to speak to an Abacus consultant for more advice on how to proceed further.

Contact Abacus Professional Recruitment today to breathe life to your career!  We have a range of roles available in numerous industry sectors Accountancy, Analytics, Business Services, Financial Services, Legal, Technical and Technology.