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Top 5 Questions to ask at your interview

Top 5 Questions to ask at your interview

One thing candidates always forget to complete after an interview is to ask questions!  Why not make it interesting and spin the table to quiz your interviewer or potential employer.  80% of the time, during an interview the process of conversation is focused upon the candidate and how they are the perfect fit by rhyming of their key skills and qualifications.

At Abacus we think at the end of any interview it is crucial for candidates to reply to that dreaded last question… ‘Do you have any questions?’  It’s your perfect opportunity to find out if a company or role is the perfect fit for you!  Be sure to ask these few questions to gain insight on your new work place:

  • What’s the company culture?

This is critical, everyone deserves to have a sound understanding of what they will be working in.  This question is to set the scene and give you a sense of company values.  Different personalities will most certainly match different companies.  You might be interested in a role which allows flexi time or has a great social scene by promoting pizza Tuesdays or beer Fridays.  At Abacus we feel our candidates should analyse the company they are interviewing for seriously before they take on their typical working day.

  • What do you most enjoy working here?

We feel it is vital for you to analyse if you are a good fit for the company.  Will it tick all your boxes?  Steer your professional goals in the right direction?  Create general day-to-day happiness for you? Let’s not forget your average working week can be 37- 40 hours per week.  At Abacus we would hate for one of our candidates to fear going into work each day.  Hopefully by asking this question you will gain deeper insight on a personal level on how current employees feel and how the company values are portrayed.

  • Are there any personal or professional development opportunities available?

Training is key.  If any company wants to grow and succeed, they need to invest in their employees too.  Not forgetting it will also give you a confidence boost in the work place.  Alarm bells could start ringing if the interviewer indicates there are no opportunities of a training program.  How are you supposed to excel at your job duties?

  • Is there room for career progression?

Eager to climb the corporate ladder?  If there is no room for progression, we at Abacus understand your motivation could be flattened.  Whose wouldn’t be?  A majority of candidates would not be driven by a dead end job which could lead to nowhere.  Would you want to repeat the recruitment process and be on the job hunt months or a years’ time down the line?  Make sure you ask this question as it will also tie in nicely developing your personal or professional development opportunities.

  • What are your expectations for an employee of this role?

This question will also help any potential employee to gain insight.  Perfect way to kick start this conversation would be – What could be the biggest challenge I would deal with on a regular basis?  Natasha Burton suggests; you might find out whether there is a common goal that employees work collectively towards and most importantly if they match your own values?  Ideally you’re looking for a response where the interviewer can explicitly communicate with examples.    You can then visualise yourself in a potential team working together to help achieve company targets.

Don’t forget you should be interviewing the company too!  For more interview tips, feel free to contact the Abacus Team.  We will gladly prep you with information to help calm your nerves before your interview.   Feel free to call us on 028 9031 3157 or  To gain greater insight please check out