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Using Social Media for the Job Hunt!

Be professional

Firstly your email address! Iloveponies23@ may be cool when your twelve years old, realistically this is your main point of contact for job searching. Make a new proficient email with as much of your name in as possible, johnsmith@ or jsmith@, number one rule keep it professional! You don’t want to be known with the dubious email address.


You may have never considered this as part of your job search but trust us (we know at Abacus Recruitment). It is a major part of being ‘seen’ by recruiters and potential employers. Again keep it professional and up as up to date as you can, adding any relevant work experience. It is a great way to network with potential employers. Treat it like an extended online CV.


Twitter can be an invaluable tool for searching for jobs. By following the major recruitment agencies and companies you’re interested you will stay up to date on positions available. By posting regular, relevant tweets it is also a way of showing interest in your chosen field. Trust us at Abacus Recruitment we highly use it to promote ongoing job roles.


Try Googling yourself! Does your Facebook show up? If it does we at Abacus Recruitment highly advise you reconsider changing your privacy settings. Potential employers may look you up on Facebook. Don’t let them see anything inappropriate.

It’s also worth following Abacus Professional Recruitment or companies you are interested in working for. Retweet, Share, Like or simply comment on jobs adverts which are increasingly being posted on Social Media.