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Work Life Balance Do you have it mastered?

Work Life Balance – Do you have it mastered?

Work Life Balance – Do you have it mastered?  At times work life balance can be seen as the Yin and Yang in the office.  With the average employee working 43hours a week, increased commuting times and more time being spent answering emails and calls out of working hours, we feel in today’s work place boosting your wellbeing and getting your work/life balance right is critical.

We are working with an outstanding client who believes its best asset is its staff and that, “knowledgeable people are one of the most important parts of any business relationship”

Our key client understands its PEOPLE by listening and fulfilling their needs.  This creates a desire among staff to deliver the highest quality business service, allowing success to continue to thrive, and the company to remain a leader in the industry.   Simply for a ‘happy healthy company’ there must be ‘happy healthy staff’.   To help define this balance between work and life, here are some of their top tips:

  1. Find your own balance
  2. Ask for help when required
  3. Complete your own workload before taking on others
  4. Exercise, Healthy mind, healthy body to de-stress
  5. Work smarter, not harder

Curious to find out more information of this fantastic company who believes in the values above?  We are offering those interested to work with this international company, the chance to sit down with the Business Director, John.  Acquiring the opportunity of a simple meet and greet, to gather a better sense of the working culture and working environment.

To receive the guidance you need to begin a fresh career, book your consultation or to gain more information regarding opportunities in the Accountancy market.  Please contact the Abacus Accountancy team in confidence on 028 9031 3157 or call anytime (day/evening) by speaking to Justin Rush or Richard Bodles.