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YLNI 2012 winner

Young Leaders Northern Ireland – YLNI 2012 winner

Abacus Professional Recruitment are pleased to be one of the sponsors for this years Young Leaders NI Conference.  As it’s nearly that time of the year again for the YLNI Conference.  We felt it would be a great opportunity to allow past winners to also share their experiences of the YLNI event.

Maria Glover, Solicitor, Napier & Sons, the YLNI 2012 winner has happily shared her inspirations, love of the industry and her secrets of success.  Read on to find out what Maria had to say:

  1. How did you feel when you won the award?

I was thrilled to win the award.  I was always shy at school and I found the transition from academic pursuits to working life to be difficult because I often struggled with my confidence- it was something I consciously had to work on and develop.  Winning the award was therefore, a really important milestone for me on both a personal and a professional level.

  1. What makes a great leader?

There are lots of brilliant by-lines and buzz words on leadership but sometimes the more you read about leadership the more unattainable it can seem.  Different situations require different skills so a great leader needs to be dynamic.  I think truly great leaders have two essential characteristics: mental toughness and effective communication skills.  Mental toughness is something I am still getting to grips with but it’s never giving up, being resilient and decisive, hard-working and self-motivated in any situation.  Ultimately, being able to interact with others in a genuine way and to lead by example inspires trust, confidence and dedication from those around you.

  1. Who has inspired you and why?

I work in an area of law that from the outside looks depressing- insolvency and bankruptcy!  I won’t name names but I am inspired by the people that I meet every day who find the courage to start again when things look hopeless.  The ability to ‘bounce-back’ when things go wrong, optimism and self-awareness are fundamental to strong leadership.

  1. For those at the starting point of their career, what is the best way to build a personal profile and get your name ‘out there’?

I think developing a specialism within your chosen career is one of the best ways to build your personal profile. I started with endless hours of legal research which developed into writing case reports which then progressed into writing journal and newspaper articles and delivering lectures and tutorials.

  1. Any general advice you would recommend to this year’s nominees?

One of the biggest clichés but…just be yourself.

Abacus would like to thank Maria Glover, Napier & Sons for her time and sharing her experiences.  If you would like to find out more information in regards to the 2015 YLNI Conference, please check out Abacus YLNI Page, Iod YLNI Page or the YLNI Social Media Accounts: YLNI Facebook, YLNI LinkedIn, YLNI Twitter  We hope this has inspired potential Young Leaders of NI, it’s not too late to nominate yourself or a fellow colleague to obtain the chance to win the title of Herbert Smith Freehills 2015 Young Leader of the Year Award.